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YLT Enrichment Day - February 24th, 2023

On February 24th, 2023, our Youth Leadership Team (YLT) put on an Enrichment Day for all High School Students. They were able to choose the activities/sessions they wanted to attend. Below is the following sessions that were provided as options.

Morning Sessions:

They were able to attend 5 of these sessions in the morning.

  • Relationships (Dr. Mark Britzman) - Come and see Dr. Mark, who will be talking about developing meaningful and healthy relationships!

  • Car Maintenance (Brian Aldrich, Scott Peterson Motors) - Come to this session to learn more about how to care for your vehicle! Possible topics include oil changes, tire changes and rotations, and more!

  • Banking (Kelly Milliken, First Interstate Bank) - Learn more about banking including checking accounts, debit cards, how to open an account and more!

  • Habit Tracking (Michelle Watson and Kenzie Hennessy, Keller Williams Realty) - Learn about Habit Tracking and how habits affect you when you go out on your own!

  • Career Readiness (SD Dept of Labor/Regulation) - Come to this session and learn how to become more employable. Topics include tips on filling out employment forms such as job applications, and how to get the job!

  • Roping Lessions (Mr. Bishop) - Come and learn how to rope with Mr. Bishop! Then test your roping skills by entering the roping contest in the afternoon!

  • Chopped! (Mrs Niesent) - Who will win the chopped challenge? Enter the challenge in Mrs. Niesent's room to see who is the master chef.

  • Internet and Social Media Safety (Officer Schmeltzer) - Come see Officer Steve and learn the facts about social media and internet safety.

  • MRE - Meal Ready to Eat (SD National Guard) - Learn how to make a MRE with the South Dakota National Guard. The MRE with the best taste and presentation wins a prize!

  • Graffiti Art (BHSU Art Club, Mrs. Bastian) - Come and find out how to create cool graffiti art! Then check out the afternoon graffiti art session!

Afternoon Sessions:

They were able to attend 3 of these in the afternoon.

  • Chopped Challenge! (Mrs. Niesent) - Who will win the chopped challenge? Enter the challenge in Mrs. Niesent's room to see how is the master chef.

  • Graffiti Art (BHSU Art Club, Mrs. Bastian) - Which class will win the battle of the banner? Come and help design your class sign with graffiti art!

  • Dummy Roping Tournament (Mr. Bishop) - Enter the roping challenge with Mr. Bishop and see who is top roper!

  • Gaming Tournament (Ms. Schlekeway and Mrs. Austin) - Come to the library and see who will be the Master Wii and Switch Champions!

  • Snowball Dodgeball Tournament - Ready? Dodgeball! With snowballs, that is. Come and play some dodgeball and see which team will be the ultimate champions.

  • Cornhole Tournament - Do you like cornhole? Come to the corn hole tournament and show off your skills!

  • Yoga (Tessa Anderson-Voyles) - Are you stressed out? Would you like to know more about muscle strength and tone? Come to the yoga session and learn how to relax!

  • Trivia Challenge - Test your knowledge on random facts! Which class will leave with the win?

  • Archery Tag and Spike Ball (SD National Guard) - Play high tech archery tag and spike ball with the South Dakota National Guard.

  • Fitness Challenge - Who will be the ultimate fitness warrior? Come to the weight room and take part in the fitness challenge.

We want to thank all of our speakers, volunteers, and teachers who helped make this day possible. We hope that all the students enjoyed the day and hope we can do it again next year.

Thank you,


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